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Suffolk County is the largest county in New York State, bordering Nassau County and surrounded by water. It is a place of suburban and rural neighbourhoods, beach vacation towns, orchards, vineyards and farm stands, and quaint villages. Its highway and train connectivity makes it an easy commute to New York City for work.

Shoreham is a peaceful village on the North Shore of Long Island, renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic vistas. The area offers breathtaking waterfront views and serene beaches, as well as historic landmarks that add to its charm. The town’s natural beauty and rich history make it a desirable location for residents and tourists alike.

Homes for sale at Shoreham NY offer a variety of lifestyles, including spacious and modern apartments and condos, as well as charming bungalows, ranches, and colonials. In addition, Shoreham has plenty of amenities for its residents, from a popular public library to an award-winning senior center and golf course.

The town is also a highly educated community, with 67.3% of its residents obtaining college degrees, including many in STEM fields. Its low crime rate and below average commute time make it a great choice for families looking to move to the area.

The Charm of Long Island Real Estate in Shoreham NY

Long Island, particularly the village of Shoreham, NY, is all the rage among real estate circles. Its intricate blend of beautiful scenery, convenient facilities, and top-tier housing makes Shoreham a coveted location. Do you know why Hartford Homes and Estates is your ultimate partner in Shoreham real estate endeavours? Let's delve right into it.

Why Shoreham?

Shoreham stands out on the roster of Long Island’s desirable locations. It lies on the northern shores of Long Island, surrounded by breathtaking ocean views, beautiful public parks, easy access to amenities, and so much more. So, what makes Shoreham's real estate market tick?

The Appeal of Shoreham’s Real Estate Market

With a rich history engraved in its location, Shoreham offers an unparalleled charm that few other places can match. Its prime location and variety of properties make it quite the catch for buyers and renters alike.

Variety of Properties

From sprawling estates to cosy family homes, Shoreham, NY offers a diverse selection of properties. Whether you're seeking a luxurious villa with ocean views or a humble starter home in a friendly neighbourhood, Shoreham real estate has got you covered.

Strategic Location

Do you prefer beachside living, while still being at arm's length from the city? The strategic location of Shoreham hits the sweet spot beautifully. It offers the perfect balance between tranquil seaside serenity and the energetic buzz of city life.

Hartford Homes and Estates: Your Partner in Shoreham Real Estate

Navigating the real estate landscape of Long Island, and more so Shoreham, NY, can be daunting without the right partner. But, worry not, Hartford Homes and Estates is here to assist.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

Why Hartford Homes and Estates? With a sterling reputation in Long Island real estate, shamelessly backed by years of experience, we have an intimate understanding of the Shoreham market. Our team of experts is always ready to walk with you every step of the way.

Personalized Service

At Hartford Homes and Estates, we understand that each client has unique needs. Thus, we offer tailor-made services to ensure that every customer finds their ideal property within the charming confines of Shoreham, NY.

Shoreham, NY, is more than just another location within Long Island; it’s a homely haven that exudes an irresistible appeal. From its strategic location to the variety of properties, Shoreham is a dream. Why go it alone when you have a partner in Hartford Homes and Estates? Interested in discovering the beauty and charm of Long Island real estate—Shoreham, NY? Speak to Hartford Homes and Estates today. Remember, your dream property is just a call away! So, want to start your journey to your dream home in Shoreham, NY?

Real Estate Shoreham NY

If you’re looking for Real Estate Shoreham NY, there are a number of local professionals who can help. You can find agents that specialize in buying, selling or both.

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Shoreham is a suburb of New York City

Shoreham is one of the best places in New York to raise a family. Its excellent public school district is highly respected and the village’s overall crime rate is among the lowest in the country. It also has an abundance of family-oriented services and community activities, as well as a good local economy.

Shoreham has a great selection of restaurants, from quick and casual to upscale fine dining. There are also plenty of shopping and entertainment options to choose from.

You can find lots and land in Shoreham for sale, ranging from small residential lots to large rural tracts.

Whether you’re looking for luxury homes in Shoreham or just a home with a lot of space, there are many options to choose from. Real estate agents can help you find a property that fits your needs and budget. They can also help you negotiate a fair price and get the best loan rates.

Shoreham is a village

Shoreham is an incorporated village in Suffolk County, New York. It has a small area and is home to many interesting residents and cultural institutions. Its inhabitants are active participants in community events and activities, and the community has some well-established traditions. These include the annual Labor Day Sunday tennis tournament with neighboring Wading River, which has been held without interruption since 1924.

The village center is home to most of the village’s commercial and recreational facilities, including the Shoreham Library and the Shoreham-Wading River School District. It is also known for its beautiful homes, which include both traditional and contemporary styles. These homes range in size from three to five bedrooms.

Residents in the village centerneighborhood spend an average of 15 to 30 minutes commuting one-way to work, which is significantly shorter than the national average. Many commuters also work from home. This makes the area an ideal place to live and work.

Shoreham is a town

The village of Shoreham is part of the New York City Metropolitan Area. The region has many things to offer its residents, including a good economy and plenty of job opportunities. In addition, it has a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs. The average commute to work is about 32 minutes, which is less than the national average.

There are a number of large cities nearby East Shoreham. The list includes the names and locations of those cities, as well as their distance from Shoreham. You can also search for airports in these cities to book flights to and from Shoreham.

Zillow’s real estate directory in Shoreham NY connects you with local professionals who can help you buy, sell or rent a home. You can view agent profiles, see an agent’s recent listings and past sales, and contact them directly from their profile pages. In addition, you can find information about local real estate trends and market data on our website.

Shoreham is a city

Shoreham is a city in Suffolk County, New York, United States. The population was 531 at the 2010 census. The town is part of the Brookhaven CDP, and it shares a school district with the neighboring hamlet of Wading River. It is home to the Wardenclyffe Tower, which was designed by Nikola Tesla and built on Long Island in 1901–1902.

Almost all of the city’s residents have a high school diploma or higher. The average household income is $126,667. The majority of residents own their homes. The median age is 59. The population is predominantly white. The top industries in the area are education, health care, and social assistance.

Many people in Shoreham describe themselves as “urban sophisticates”. They are well-educated and wealthy, and they often live in suburban areas. They read, support the arts, and love travel. They also tend to have a liberal political outlook. Many of these individuals are affluent professionals who work in the finance industry.